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Monday, August 1, 2016

Melania Trump NAKED - Ladies and Gentlemen, Mrs. Conservative Values

Remember when Republicans actually stood for conservative values?  Values like strong marriages where you mate for life.  Values like no drugs, abortions, and being a good Christian.  Remember when they used to stand for all of that good stuff?  NEITHER DO I.

I'm convinced that Trump's wife is an illegal immigrant.  I have not seen her immigration papers or her application.  You know where I learned that stuff from?  Trump when he kept harassing Obama for his birth certificate.


Anonymous said...

she can't be an illegal if she is married to an American Citizen.

Anonymous said...

well Melania Trump is one fine looking lady , i would love to spend some time with her , i would kisser from head to toe,

Anonymous said...

MELANIA looks alot like my brothers girlfriend Christi and she is pretty we had sex one day at the shop where i worked ever time i see melania i think of Christi ,

Anonymous said...

You're attempt at trying to cover history, politics while also trying to be clever and witty... fails on all counts... just stick to up loading photos of women's bodies and going on how much you want to fuck them...