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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Katy Perry's bikini body is fuck-able

I dunno.  I honestly didn't want to fuck Katy Perry as I was turned off by her ProActiv commercials as well as the fact that with all of those layers of foundation and wigs, I really could never figure out what she looks like.  Not mention that she seems rather spaced out.  But, she's a crazy chick so maybe the sex would be interesting.  Why is she crazy?  Well, Russell Brand is a nut, right?  Everyone knows that and that's why he's funny.  But even knowing he's off his rocker, she STILL married the guy after barely knowing him, so what does that make her?  A psycho of the highest order.  Therefore maybe she's a nut in bed as well.  Although I have concerns her pussy tastes weird.  Not sure why, just do.


Anonymous said...

Your right her pussy is going to taste like Bangers & Mash. And you know who's Banger it tastes like.

Anonymous said...

Cameraman missed out to give some surprise buttsex lol