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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I want Hayden Panettiere to squat on my face

Wow are these pictures ever going to be classics.  It's not often that we are treated to some nice bikini pix of Hayden, especially when she's playing sports while wearing a bikini.  I tend to wonder what her bikini bottoms smell like after being all hot and sweaty.

In more important news, I thought it was time for me to chime in about this whole Trayvon Martin thing.  Free speech.  I watched Piers Morgan make a fool out of himself interviewing the Zimmerman guy's brother.  I don't know who his brother is or what he does for a living but that guy is better spoken than any of the attorneys they have on any of the news channels.  He basically pointed out what a fucking twat Piers Morgan is.  Morgan kept making up all of these things as facts.  Frankly, from what I am seeing, this Trayvon kid wasn't some innocent little kid on his way to buy some fucking candy.  He was some 6'3" guy who tried to attack an innocent guy. 

Miley Ray Cyrus's upskirt panties.  Pretty boring stuff but an upskirt nonetheless.

Ashley Judd respond to allegations of a puffy face

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