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Monday, February 6, 2012

Miley Ray Cyrus' short shorts crotch


So pretty good game yesterday although now the only news cumming out of the game is that the Patriots dropped a few passes and Tom Brady's wife is a bitch.  Wow, didn't see that one cumming.  Give me a break.  The funny part is people ranting about how the Patriots missed a few key catches and how those catches cost the Patriots the entire game.  REALLY?!  Uhhhh, how the fuck do they know that those catches would have turned into a touchdown?!?!  It's not like those were missed passes anywhere even close to the end zone.  At best, it may have put them in field goal position, but the Patriots needed a touchdown to actually win.  On top of that, at least one of those was not an easy catch - try making a catch with two 250 humans running at you, while your body is twisting in the air.  Those were not game losing drops.  So take your crystal balls and shove them up Newt "I can't comment on family values because I've cheated on all my ten wives" Gingrich's ass.

Kelly Clarkson sang the national anthem at the Superbowl

Lindsay Lohan bends over and shows her ass

Rihanna's new look with blond hair and pit stains

Paris Hilton no panty upskirt...yawwwn.

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