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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anne Hathaway's tight jeans ass

 My jury is still somewhat out on Anne Hathaway.  And by "my jury", I am referring to my cock.  I mean she's cute and what have you however I think she might have stretch marks.  Mind you, most chicks have those.  Anyway, I also wanted to make a social commentary on what's going on right now in politics.  I can't figure out how a corrupt fuck like Newt Gingrich who cheats on all of his wives, including one that has cancer, but at the same time was admonishing Bill Clinton for getting a BJ, is even allowed to CONSIDER running for Presidency.  This guy is fat, a liar, he claims to be conservative, but has broken every rule there is to break in the bible (not sure who any christian could vote for him without sinning).  Then you have a fuck head named Romney who has proposed absolutely nothing new, and on top of that is a mormon - basically a sect of the KKK if you ask me.  

Welcum back in 2013 Obama.

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