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Monday, December 12, 2011

Lindsay Lohan's bikini ass is here

I truly believe there is something wrong with the world today.  It seems like the movie Contagion, or Outbreak, except that what people have is more of a mental illness.  A lot of things make no sense, and yet the masses seem to accept them as sensical.   Take for example the latest loser to want to run for president of the USA.  Newt Gingrich.  Here is a psychopath who spearheaded the hole Bill Clinton impeachment, trying to get poor Bill in trouble for getting a BJ, and we all know that lying about getting a BJ means you are not fit for President (never mind that he still stands today as one of the greatest, most loved Presidents of all time).  

Well it turns out that same guy who had nothing better to do than waste taxpayer money trying to impeach Clinton was himself having a full-fledged affair on his then current, cancer stricken wife.  Getting a BJ is one thing.  Cheating on your sick wife WHILE trying to get someone else in trouble for cheating puts you in the category somewhere below the shit I flush down the toilet every day.  I won't even get into all of the corruption charges he's been hit with and crimes he's committed.  And somehow, this idiot is the front-runner for the republicans.  What a farce.  How is it prisoners can't vote, but this guy who has found guilty of such corruption can run for President.  

That Playboy investment in Lindsay Lohan probably won't pay off.  We've seen it before.

You know where the next Kardashian's loyalty will show or her husband

Tom Brady is pretty cool under pressure from a coach who probably has never ran a mile in his life.

Mariah Carey should be back on by early next year

Hulk Hogan was not gay with Brutus Beefcake

Lowes should be able to advertise or not advertise wherever the fuck they want

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