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Friday, November 18, 2011

Kathie Lee's nice ass

Today was Regis's last day on Live with Regis and Kelly.  I still dream of buying a holo-deck from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I would open a program which had a young Kelly Ripa, and a younger Kathie Lee.  My holodeck simulation would be the set of Live with Regis & Kelly.  I would play the role of Regis.  I would first have Kelly and Kathie side by side standing at the front table where they start teh show.  They would both bend over that table and hike up their short skirts.  I would then get on my knees and start licking their cracks out...fuck this story, give me a minute while I go jack off.


Anonymous said...

She is so hot!! i love when you post pics of her!!

Anonymous said...

she has great Tits, but she should use an anti-perspirant. I hate big nasty sweat stains. she probably has some good Pussy, I want to fuck her in the Ass.

Anonymous said...

Granny's legs show her age. She shoul invest in some black pantyhose.

Anonymous said...

That great, sexy, horny MILF wouldn't have to worry about sweat stains with me around. I would strip her completely naked a lick her entire sweaty, naked body dry from her underarms down to her sexy wiggling toes and EVERYTHING in between (YUMMY!)

Anonymous said...

she is getting up in age but still has fantastic tits and ass….would fuck her anytime