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Sunday, August 28, 2011

So apparently the rumors are that Will Smith is getting separated (ie. divorced down the road).  The funny thing is, just a couple of years ago the rumors were that both him and his wife were gay, and the marriage was a front.  Now apparently what a travesty, and rumors about his wife screwing around with Marc Anthony (doubt it since Will's cock is probably longer than Anthony is tall) are making their rounds.  Just like when JLo and Marc split, one day the rumor was that she cheated, the next day, it was that he cheated.  Like usual, the "media" was wrong.  And now today apparently Will isn't gay anymore since it's such shocking news they're getting separated (if it is even true).

Some boring pix of Anne Hathaway wearing a dress at some red carpet bullshit

The Situation has some expensive cars.  We don't care about him, just the cars.

Some hot Eva Longoria pix on the set of her show.  Damn I wanna buttfuck her.

Olivia Wilde hanging out with her ex-boyfriend

Mariah Carey's ass is starting to get thin again

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