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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Megan Fox's ultra-short skirt?

Now I was going home after hard day and I've noticed that ~50m away from my apartments there's a heavily drunk girl sleeping, looks like around 16-19 yo (can't really tell), pretty cute one. But totally drunk. Never seen her before, doubt she's local. I tried to ask her if she's okay, what's her name, where does she lives and such, but no response, she can't even open her eyes. She has no cellphone with her, nor any kind of ID. I didn't really wanted to call the cops, because in case she's underage that would be a set up and problems for her. I don't feel like giving a person to the cops due to some irrelevant reason like being drunk just because you're young and stupid. For the same reason I didn't called the ambulance.

Well, I also thought that it's not such a bright idea to leave her outside (not that I care what's going to happen to her THAT much, but everyone gets drunk eventually), so I carried her on my back to my apartments on the 2nd floor. Luckily she didn't vomited on me while I was carrying her. I also hope she won't throw up on my sofa, in that case I'm not responsible for my actions.

Currently she's sleeping on my sofa (by the way when I put her on sofa I've noticed that she doesn't has panties under her skirt) in my room and I have totally no idea what to do until she wakes up. I already have some beer (and mineral water, whatever suits her best) for her in case she will have a hangover.

Any bright ideas what should I do (besides banging her, that's not an option)?

Update: Just thought that maybe bringing her in here wasn't such a good idea. The heck I'm supposed to know if she will go batsh*t insane like a regular woman "OMG YOU PROBABLY RAEPD ME WHILE I WAS ASLEEP IMMA CALLIN 911"?

Update: For f*cks sake, she's mumbling something in English. Don't tell me she's a tourist o_O  

Update: Damn that girl. Can't even watch some p*rn and fap because of her. Imagine if she would wake up while I'm doing it. >_<    

Update: She woke up, stopped yelling at me and freaking out and currently eating. And yes, she's a tourist from England, London and she's 17.
I'll post the aftermath later.  

Update: If someone's interested: she came to my country with her older sister (adult), met some other tourists from England, went with them somewhere, got drunk and can't remember anything else. Has no idea how she got into my part of town.
Totally freaked out when woke up, refused to calm down until I had to scream "SHUT YOUR F*CKING MOUTH BITCH". That made a positive effect. After that asked me like 30 times if I raped her, how I've found her, where are her panties, what time is it (more) 

Update: where's her wallet, where's her cellphone, who the hell am I etc.
Gave her mineral water, some food, gave her my boxers, my old sweater and called a taxi (now I don't have 15$ that I thought spending on block of cigarettes).
Was glad to hear her saying "you're a good guy. I knew Russians are welcoming. Thank you" and then driver took her back to her hotel.

I don't like yelling but I have found that you have to yell at some women and they will shut up. In the future, because of the whole rape issue, just call the cops.

Punky Brewster was in a hot-tub with Michael Jackson.  So?

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