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Monday, August 8, 2011

Blake Lively's long legs


Q: I like this guy but it seems like we are both shy, I cannot make the first move cause everybody will say I'm a flirt or running after guys or maybe he will hate me because I' am the one making the first move, he is quite handsome so a lot of girls like him even if sometimes I got jealous I still put in my mind that I don't have any rights to be jealous, I sometimes stares at him but I don't know if he noticed me, I am a friend of his friends, I can talk to his friends normally but not to him.
Also last one this guy treats other girls like a gentleman but to me he often tease me and linked me to other guys when I ask who does he like he will say that she is not here and I don't know her, and a lot of excuses he never tell me. I have doubts if he like me or not.
I really don't know because of those doubts it makes me feel that I have no chances at him because I'm shy I cannot express everything I always wonder who does he like and she is really lucky to have him. Even if I put a lot of efforts just for him to notice me but I guess he hates me.

A:  I can help you with this.  I've been that guy for years.  If you want to get this guy, just follow what I tell you:  1.  learn how to write english.  You sound like you grew up in the hood and that's very unattractive.  2.  suck his dick and toss his salad.  If he doesn't like you after that, then there's just something wrong with you.

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