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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Geri Halliwell's crotch


I think I've cum to really appreciate the value of a chick that doesn't care for an expensive lifestyle.  I mean, what's up with these chicks that want to go to eat at places where french fries cost $16/plate?  Are they stupid enough to think the food is worth it?  Oh yeah, I guess they don't give a fuck since they're not the one's paying for it.  That's why I go out with chicks that cost little, or offer to pay.  I think these slut celebrities would want me to pay.  Fuck that.


Anonymous said...

Nice new pole you got going there. It's cheating if you yourself vote for yes 7 times. Nobody wants to. Seriously dude, get a flesh light and stop grossing us out.

Upskt Celebs said...

What are you talking about - I only voted for myself once. Your Mom voted for me, your sister, and then your grandma. Your great-grandma didn't have to since she's already sucked it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you didn't do yourself any favors there. That just reeks of desperation! Ewe. Especially my dead grandmother. If she was sucking it, that was probably just the rigor mortis setting in, you necropheliac!