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Friday, July 29, 2011

Lady Gaga's thong

So recently Christina Aguilera is saying that Lady Gaga is ripping her off.  Gimme a break.  The truth is, every artist builds off of their surroundings. Ideas come from others ideas.  My point is that Christina's gig wasn't super original - she "ripped off" other people herself.  Gaga just happens to be more popular than Cheater, I mean Christina, ever was.  

Julianne Moore's ginger ass


Olivia Wilde's ass

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jennifer Love Hewitt's big ass and close upskirt


I think JLH looks good in this size.  Someone called her a white Kim Kardashian, but let's face it, even though she's armenian or whatever, everyone considers her white anyway.  Also I think you'll like these pictures especially the top one which I think is pretty close to being an upskirt.

Nicolette Sheridan's ass re-emerges


One of my favorite MILFs.  

Denise Richards very short skirt

 I love it when hot MILFs like Denise wear such short skirts that you know at any minute, if they are walking, you could just quite catch a glimpse of their panties or their pussy.

Katie Holmes in Elle magazine

Blake Lively in her mini cooper

Britney Spears farts a lot

Jennifer Aniston and her hot friends