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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mila Kunis's ass.

So today I will continue my barrage on the NBA "rules"/"bullshit".  I was watching perhaps the most exciting game of the year last night, the Grizzles versus the Thunder.  And by the way, although I like the Lakers, I don't think they could keep up with either of those teams when you look at the pace of the game they both played.  It reminded me of a college basketball game with the speed these guys were running and playing at, even in the third overtime.  Anyway, back to last night.  At one point, one of the player's from the Grizzlie's backhanded someone from the other team in the face, seemingly on purpose.  As an instinctive retaliation, the player on the Thunder that got hit smacked the ball out of the other guys hand (hey, at least he didn't punch him in the face to get back).  Guess what??  The guy that PUNCHED the Thunder guy got to throw FREE THROWS.  Why?  Because the refs decided that it was a foul since the Thunder guy hit the ball in anger.  Was there any penalty to the guy that actually hit him in the face?  Fuck no. He actually got to throw free throws.  Fuck you NBA.

Some boring Cameron Diaz pix

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