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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Audrina Patridge's pussy

 The thing I like about these Audrina Patridge (I always want to say Partridge), is that you can see where the folds of near her pussy is going to begin.  Look closely.  I wonder what it tastes like.

Rihanna's vagina almost falls out

Sarah Palin's daughter is dating Kyle Massey.  He's black.  Sarah Palin is republican.  Which now means she will get kicked out of the republican club.

Avril Lavigne's bikini body

Man, I love the guy standing behind her taking pictures of her ass.  Hopefully he posts those pictures soon.

JWoww's bikini camel toe

Laura Dern's ass crack wedgie

I have to admit, there were days when I was so horny that all I'd need was to see some legs to be able to jack.  I can remember on a few occasions where I had nothing to jack to, and Jurassic Park would be re-playing on the TV.  There were quite a few scenes with Laura in shorts.  I fantasized about having sex with her since those shorts made her look so damn sexy.  Now that she's grown up, I don't think I'd have sex with her, but I think some of you might.

Halle Berry's upskirt with NO panties.  You can really see her snatch.