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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stacy Keibler's short shorts

Well it's been a good day.  I found out last night that my ex-girlfriend has already moved in with some dude.  So basically that confirms that he was in the picture beforehand.  What it also confirms is that you can't take a girl out of the hood - no doubt she'll be pregnant, get no education and pretty much be fat and educated in ten years from now.  The best part, it didn't affect me at all!  I'm over it.  Awesome.

Kendra Wilkinson is kinda single.  So?

I now like Robert Downey Jr. for standing up for Mel Gibson. I love you Mel.  But not in a gay way.

New Shannen Doherty pictures of her in a skirt and pantyhose

Is it just me or does Heather Graham not seem to age?

A bunch of Scarlett Johanssen pix

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