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Friday, November 26, 2010

JWoww's bikini crotch

I don't know which one of you sick pervs posted this comment on this otherwise, respectable website, but I've decided it's so awesome, it was deserving that every one read it.  I mean, who spends this time and detail on a comment?  Props to whoever this was.  I'd love to lick Anna as well:

"I love the thought of Anna Kournikova masturbating while wearing her tennis clothes. I imagine her facial expressing as she's sitting with her legs spread super far-apart in the locker room after practice, and she's about 19, and she's rubbing her teenage clitoris through her sweat-soaked little panties and its beautiful and erotic because she's trembling slightly and obviously very much aroused. She engages herself in dirty-minded sex fantasy where someone is watching her masturbate, like maybe a coach or a ball-boy, and she seperates the tips of her fingers and jiggles them as fast as they will go. 
The panties get very creamy, and she's about to cum. She's imaginining someone watching her and the creaminess is gushing into her undies and she hasn't gotten to the orgasm yet, but she's less than 10 seconds away."

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