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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt's jeans wedgie ass


 This one's for you Big Italian.  Dude I want you to see why I should just delete every female off my Facebook.  One chick on my facebook has pictures of her boozing it up, wearing bikinis in every shot, every night.  I made an inuendo about a BJ on her facebook and she gets all upset that it's inappropriate since her family is on facebook.  Yeah cunt, that makes sense.  So a BJ comment is inappropriate (mind you, no one in your family would get it since it was more innuendo), but putting yourself getting faded every night, and making out with guys in your bikinis every two days is appropriate.  Idiot.  I think i'll just delete the whore.

1 comment:

BoneCollectoriam said...

Would love to pull those jeans out of her ass with my teeth. Then lick that brown eye