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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Geri Halliwell's bikini body, Part Deux

So today was Thanksgiving.  As well as being Thankful, I also decided to make a New Year's Resolution.  That resolution is the following:  I will no longer turn a blind eye to, smile and nod, or accept stupidity or illogic.  Bottom line, when presented with stupidity, instead of being "nice" in order to save face for everyone, I will not just nod politely and pretend to be dumb as well.  I'll call people out on it, illustrating their mental impotence.  I will no longer tolerate lies, inconsistent stories, or psychotics.

Olivia Wilde doesn't want to be sexy

Britney Spears sucks...starbucks

I think Christina Aguilera is still pretty

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