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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Geri Halliwell's bikini ass

I swear, it's been a slow week for decent pix.  Anyway, I was thinking the other day and was wondering more about these things we can people.  Especially girls.  I realized perhaps the worst thing any guy can do is take advice about women from other women.  Why?  Because females think they know what they want, but we're the one's that are supposed to give them direction.  I love it when a girl says about their guy "I just knew he was the one".  BS.  That really translates into:  he played me, ignored me, treated me like crap until I gained his acceptance.

Paris Hilton almost killed a paparazzi.  Too bad she missed.

Heidi Klum quit Victoria Secret

Mila Kunis flashes her legs in short shorts

Britney Spears shows off her back

Mike Tyson in a funny Bobby Brown parody

Some slut tries to get famous by claiming she swallowed The Situation's dick

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