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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rachel Bilson's legs

So some insensitive fuck, who was probably conceived by a pedophile that ultimately raped his mom, and who was raised by an abusive dad, then step-dad, then boyfriend, made an anonymous comment that animals just love everyone and that there is something wrong with me. His comment didn't relate to what was wrote, but that's probably just indicative of his lack of reading abilities. I just wanted to reply by saying, all animals don't like everyone regardless of who they are. Lots of animals shy away from certain people, or even attack them and people don't know why. So fuck you.

Miley Ray Cyrus in short shorts
Clik Hair

Anna Kournikova's Maxim photo shoot
Clik Hair

I don't know who Victoria Silvesdt is but I wanna fuck her
Clik Hair

Audrina Patridge in a bikini
Clik Hair

Olivia Wilde looks good, physically
Clik Hair

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