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Monday, August 2, 2010

Megan Fox's spandex ass crack

I decided I would give myself yesterday to have one last cry about my ex-girlfriend. Saying goodbye to her in my own way since she never had the courage nor gave me the opportunity, obviously protecting her own feelings since God knows she never considered mine. But as angry as I felt, I decided to read some old emails. It was amazing reading them. Despite everything, I remember her as such a sweet, kind soul, finding her way in this world. I don't remember her having any malice which is why I always forgave her for the things she wouldn't do. It's funny, after reading her emails I felt nothing but love for her, instead of anger or hatred. It's amazing how much a relationship can change in such a short time, but I will always treasure our moments! THANK YOU FOR EVERY SECOND YOU SPENT WITH ME AND GOOD LUCK WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE :)

Lady Gaga has a nip slip. Who cares?
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Heidi Klum on vacation
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Katie Holmes in workout clothing
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