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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kathie Lee Gifford doesn't show much

Actually these are boring pictures to some, however KLG has earned her spot in the Hall of Fame on this site, so quit whining. Also I've learned, it's time to say no to people.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage on Leno
Clik Here

Rihanna in a leopard skin bikini
Clik Here

Britney Spears in her boots
Clik Here


Anonymous said...

Kathie Lee may not be showing much skin in these photos, but, you can tell just by her smile that she is a crazy, horny, milf bitch, who has chugged enough cum in her life to float a ship. Just imagine her totally naked on her back with her sexy, bare feet in the air and her toes curled while she bounces her bare ass up and down and screams, "I'm CUMMING. I'm CUMMING."

Anonymous said...

KLG isn't showing much skin here, but you can tell she is sporting an enormous pair of tits. She loves showing off her mighty cleavage in low-cut dresses and skimpy swimsuits, only wish she was as generous with her pussy.