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Monday, July 26, 2010

Geri Halliwell's nice ass

So my ex-girlfriend decides to text me yesterday saying she had something to give to me. And that she was trying to decide whether she should meet up with me or just mail it. The first thing I thought was - the nerve of this bitch. Like it's her fucking choice - I GET A CHOICE to decide whether I want to meet the bitch as well. Probably much to her surprise, I told her just to mail it, and here's my address. Good luck with everything. She wished me good luck as well, so I told her I won't need it. Fucking cunt. Then my friends today tell me she probably was trying to meet up with me to see how she'd feel. Well, why the fuck doesn't she just say she wants to see me. Stupid games. I don't give a shit, although now it's pissed me off. I can't let her have the power back.

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