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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scarlett Johansson's miniskirt bum

Yeah, we've all seen by the now the video of Sandra and her kissing for about as long as I last in the sack. Big deal. Moving on. In more important news, that psycho who killed Natalie Halloway (not sure if I spelled that right), finally had karma catch up to him....well karma is a bad example, but anyway, he finally got busted for murder this time. I guess when you go to the well one too many times it catches up to you. Kinda like OJs shit caught up with him. This kid even looks evil. I remember seeing the video of him smoking weed and describing how the girl died in Aruba or wherever it was in the Caribbean and how they dumped her body at sea. Mind you, I don't think he actually killed her, but she died from alcohol poisoning. Who knows, I hardly remember any of the facts. Either way, I don't like this kid.

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