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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Megan Fox's bikini bum

Here is Megan Fox. Again. Still in a bikini. It must be bikini week, although I'm sure none of you mofos are complaining. I decided I'm not going to take the ex-girl off of Fakebook or messenger. Fuck it. Then today, the crazy Asian girl I was banging started flipping out, saying I don't love her enough and she feels lonely around me. Does someone want to explain why so many women I meet are bipolar?

Eva Mendes is starting to get a bit thick
Clik Hair


Anonymous said...

What is with all of the wriing on the side of her body? Hasn't she ever heard of Post-it notes.

nigga said...

megan fox is anything but...she has a decent face...full of pock marks and a flat ass.

I've banged better looking asses on asian chicks.

if I were drunk I might do her...other wise...I can find better ass on any Friday night.