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Monday, June 14, 2010

Jessica Alba's ass crack

We here at pride ourselves on bringing you guys first rate upskirt pictures of celebrities. Unfortunately, some idiot, aka Perez Hilton decided to post an upskirt picture of Miley Ray while she wasn't even wearing her knickers. That would have been a great shot except for the fact that SHE IS UNDERAGE. It's funny that a guy who has a website as big as his wouldn't realize that you can't do that sort of stuff. Idiot. Anyway, for those who wondered why I never put her on this website despite the fact that she seems to be wearing less and less clothing at each of her concerts and in public, it's for the very obvious reason that she's too young to be dressing the way she does, much less being flaunted on an upskirt website or any other website for that matter. UPSKT will continue to bring you quality upskirts, and as you can see above, ass cracks.

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