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Friday, May 28, 2010

Jennifer Aniston's perfect ass in a bikini

Well, I just finished watching the last episodes of 24. I love that show. Yes, it had it's moments of being unrealistic, but i'm not going to bitch about it, mostly because it's a fucking TV SHOW PEOPLE. It is always sad when you watch a TV show for so long and get an attachment towards the characters. So many lives were lost in that show...but I think from all of the shows out there, it was easily the most consistently intense TV show that I've ever watched. Unfortunately I probably won't get to see a show like that again as the new TV shows that cum out kinda suck. I haven't adopted a new TV show into my lineup in years. Maybe I shouldn't even bother getting a new TV. Thank you Keifer Sutherland!!!! You gave me many hours of enjoyment.

And thank you too Jen Aniston for the hottest pictures ever up there. Your body is unbelievable and I want to clean both of your holes with my tongue.

Brooke Hogan in a bikini. Nothing compares to Jen Aniston though.
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Anonymous said...

I thought that I read someplace that she was really turned on walking around completely naked in front of the cast and crew on the set of the movie "The Breakup." How cool would it have been if her cunt juice had started running down her legs in front of everyone.

nigga said...

That is one rich bitch I'd love to fuck. Sweet tits, nice ass and just plain hot. Great kisser I bet.

Brad dumbass. Angelina is couldn't handle that Aniston snatch could ya'.

I would eat that faster than an Ethiopian eating watermelon.

One fine and juicy sweet ass.