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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Heather Locklear's mom short shorts

Well my Mom finally got her wish as my cats found themselves a pigeon and killed it. Although they didn't eat most of the pigeon, they did prove they had graduated to the level of "hunters".

In other news, the UFC 113 event was on last night. Apparently Dana White, the owner, continued his self-righteous BS. First he decides he'll kick out Daley, one of the fighters cuz he got pissed off and punched another fighter after the bell. Big deal. Then, he goes on to say Kimbo is out as well, cuz he sucks. I'm sure he wasn't complaining when Kimbo was probably the only reason people were watching the reality show The Ultimate Fighter. And of course, since Dana White has never fought, he'd never understand that you get heated and do stuff since you're amped up on testosterone and adrenaline. Douche of the day: Dana White.

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