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Monday, May 31, 2010

Megan Fox's wet bikini

Thanks to TMZ and for this photo. Anyway, here is Megan out and about. I guess she's not that bright if she's putting her body into the filthy beach water of LA, but hey, she also screwed up her gig with Transfomers. Oh well.

Katy Perry's legs in short shorts

It's not like i'll ever understand women, but this one is a great example (i'm not referring to Katy Perry). One of my friends who is well educated, really nice, loving, caring and loyal started going out with this guy last year. Guy is a real douche - gives her the silent treatment for no reason, treats her bad in front of her and his friends for no reason, and even cheats on her, this latest time advising her to get a chlamydia test because he effed some other chick without a condom. And despite all of that, she keeps going back to him. And yet, when women are treated well, they take the guy for granted. Go figure.

Is Mariah Carey pregnant? I used to jack to her every day.
Clik Hair

Kim Kardashian's big arse

Well it's funny, we bought a watch for my Mom for her birthday and like usual she doesn't like people doing anything for her so like we did lat year, we're going to have to return it. Oh well.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stacy Keibler fixes her wedgie

Is it better to be Stacy's fingers or the actual part of the bikini that's wedged up her ass. Anyway, it's something called Memorial Day weekend. What that really means, is that it's an excuse for stores to put something on sale and for everyone to go out and shop. It's not like anyone is actually acknowledging what the day is about. In other news, Naveen Andrews and Barbara Hershey broke up. That's sad.

Rihanna's upskirt

So Rihanna is here bending over while she gets into a car. Whatever. Anyway, I decided last night it was time to stop considering people's feelings who do not consider your own. Since it is in my nature to put everyone else's feelings first, this will be an interesting challenge for me, but a good one none the less.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Paris Hilton upskirt panty peek on the View

I love the fact that people can actually put a book on their steering wheel and "drive" while going about 120 kilometers/hour on the highway. I don't mind if people are stupid enough to do this, so long as if they do get in an accident, it's a single vehicle accident and they die.

Kathie Lee Gifford's MILF legs

So our poll on the right is going to close soon, and I'm proud to report that it is our most successful to date, thanks to all of you pervs. I do feel bad that Kathie Lee isn't a bit further ahead, so I'm here to post some very recent pictures of her gorgeous MILF ass to encourage some votes. Please don't tell me you wouldn't want her red pubes and ass (I hope they're not white now), sitting on your face. Get out and vote while there's still time.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Rachel Bilson's spandex crotch

I don't know why I like these spandex pictures of these celebs. It's almost like it makes them human.

Carrie Underwood sings in tight ass pants
Clik Hair

Paula returns to Idol.
Clik Hair

Mischa Barton's panty upskirt

Yes, this picture is pretty new. I was trying to do some math, figuring out how the hell Mischa made enough money to live in a multimillion dollar home from doing a couple seasons of the OC but I guess there's big money in show business. Yeah, i'm sure that came as a big surprise to all of you guys. In any event, a hot little Latina that I knew just broke up with her boyfriend. I used to want to hit that until I saw her body covered in tattoos.

Is Daniel Craig gay?
Clik Hair

Jennifer Aniston's perfect ass in a bikini

Well, I just finished watching the last episodes of 24. I love that show. Yes, it had it's moments of being unrealistic, but i'm not going to bitch about it, mostly because it's a fucking TV SHOW PEOPLE. It is always sad when you watch a TV show for so long and get an attachment towards the characters. So many lives were lost in that show...but I think from all of the shows out there, it was easily the most consistently intense TV show that I've ever watched. Unfortunately I probably won't get to see a show like that again as the new TV shows that cum out kinda suck. I haven't adopted a new TV show into my lineup in years. Maybe I shouldn't even bother getting a new TV. Thank you Keifer Sutherland!!!! You gave me many hours of enjoyment.

And thank you too Jen Aniston for the hottest pictures ever up there. Your body is unbelievable and I want to clean both of your holes with my tongue.

Brooke Hogan in a bikini. Nothing compares to Jen Aniston though.
Clik Hair