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Monday, April 12, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger's hairy bush

I used to think she was hot but then changed my mind. Now that I look at these pictures, I'm even less attracted as if you look closely, you can see that this girl doesn't believe in "grounds keeping", aka shaving your snatch. Seriously, her bush looks bigger than the bulge in Rocco Sifredi's pants.


Dogg said...

I can't see a bush.

Tea Party is dumb said...

Damn, she's so hairy down there it looks like she's walking around with a dick packed in there.

Anonymous said...

WHat a dumbass. The stupid writter is obviously a freakin virgin. It's prolly a Pad or a panty liner dumbass. Anyways, If she ever had a bush, I will dig in too the good stuff.

Upskirt Celebs said...

I find it funny the "Anonymous" poster twat called me a "stupid writter". Moron can't even spell writer properly, which is funny. Virgin? Well I fucked your mom in the ass, doesn't that count as losing my virginity? Go fuck yourself Anonymous cunt.

Anonymous said...

youre a retarded writer, women can have fat pussys you would know if you gotten laid during high school.