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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jennifer Aniston's legs are aamazing

So I was watching Idol Gives Back tonight. Yes, I remember I said I wouldn't but hey, they said they were gonna have Joss Stone on and everyone knows I'm pretty sweet on her these days. Damn she was hot. Then, Orianthi was on the show and I got even hornier. Well the Idol news today is that Seacrest betrayed Bowersox by leaking the story that she wanted to leave. I guess Seacrest blabbed just a bit too much, and frankly, although I don't mind him since he represents the duhhhhh, yeah duuuuuddeee, talking on cellphone while driving mentality of So.Cal, I do think it was pretty classless to tell the press that story. But he probably did it because he wanted to paint himself as the savior of her since he claims he changed her mind. Read more here!

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