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Friday, April 30, 2010

Jennifer Aniston's butt in pants

I don't know what Aniston loves about Kidman, but I don't really care either! The funny thing is, I think I saw Jen in these pants a few years ago. I didn't think "stars" wore the same thing twice. I hope they're not clean.

LeeAnn Rimes whores it out
Clik Hair

Lindsay Lohan's ass and legs

Lindsay Lohan, please make a porno and it will be the biggest seller of all time, maybe even bigger than Pamela Anderson's, and her's wasn't even that great since she didn't even do an anal scene.

Snookie's ass sits down

So now in the news, an oil spill is cumming towards the US Coast. Quite timely, considering all the debate on off shore drilling. Mind you, i've never understood what the debate is (whether to allow it or not), considering they are already doing it.

Halle Berry splits with her Baby Daddy
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Lindsay Lohan bends over

I keep hearing all of this trash about Lindsay Lohan. If all of it is true, shouldn't she be dead by now? I mean, I've been hearing about all of these drug issues, alcohol issues, psychosis etc. for what, like 5 years now? It's like after Herbie: Fully Loaded, she fell off the deep end. I'm sure some of it's true, but on the other hand, you can't be a heavy drug user that long and still cut an interview, can you? Well, maybe you can. It's amazing how much garbage we can pump into our bodies and still survive.

Chelsea Handler made a sex tape. Finally!
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gisele Bundchen's jeans ass

Funny thing. I walked "to work" yesterday and some girl asked me if I was going to the party tomorrow night. I said, I was going to go, but the party is on Thursday, not tomorrow. I thought "wow, this girl is an idiot". Little did I realize yesterday wasn't Monday. That's what happen when you never work and sleep all days. You can't distinguish one day from the next. I sincerely believe that time is going in fast forward.

Britney Spears nipples are hard, still Clik Hair

Ke$ha getting slammed for her SNL performance. Why? Clik Hair

Karina Smirnoff's crotch

Well Dancing with the Brown Tar Star is quickly moving towards finding its next winner and I'm praying that Pamela Anderson wins. In other news, the moron who tried to tell me that maxi pads go in the front of a girls panties is still a virgin and has never seen a vagina. Except his mom's. And grandmom's.

Pamela Anderson starts her own milkshake. I would love to "drink" her milkshake. Clik Hair

Britney Spears in panties.
Clik Hair

Teri Hatcher's bikini butt

There is no question, Teri Hatcher has survived the test of time. I would jack to her today, as much as I would 15 years ago when she was on Lois and Clark.

Mila Kunis shopping at Victoria's Secret
Clik Hair

More Shauna Sand whore outfit
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ellen Pompeo's tight butt fills up

I never was big on Ellen Pompeo, butt after seeing these pictures, I'd like to put my nozzle in her gas tank and fill it up.

Dave Matthew's wife in a bikini
Clik Hair

Jessica Simpson's tits cum out to play on Leno
Clik Hair