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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I wanna cum on and in Eva Longoria's bum

So did you guys see that idiot from Norway whose coach told him to go into the wrong lane in the 10k meter speed skating even? Well his name is Sven Kramer. I felt really bad for him at first, but then I saw an interview an NBC reporter try to interview him earlier on in the Games and he called her "stupid" for her having asked him to identify himself on camera. Yeah asshole, you're that internationally recognized that you don't need an intro. Mind you, I'd never heard your name before or seen your ugly face you fucking douchebag. Show some courtesy. What goes around cums around though. You act like an asshole and asshole things happen to you, you gold-medal loser!!! hahaaha


Anonymous said...

Sven Kramer is from Holland, not Norway. Kind of takes the edge of your rant when you don't get your facts right...

Sexy Beast said...

Who gives a fuck where the asshole is from. In defense of Upskt, are you his gay lover, performing the Bruno rim job on him after he skates?