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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Carmen Electra's beautiful ass

I have decided that Carmen Electra is changing a bit. When I look at her face she is getting a bit older, but still a hottie. I'm surprised she never settled down, but some of my friends in "showbiz" have told me that most of these actors and especially actresses are pretty nuts. Mind you she did marry Dennis Rodman for what, one night?

Fergie's ass is God

Today is an amazing day. Why? Cuz Canada WON THE GOLD MEDAL in hockey! What an amazing day and Olympics over all. Canada which is usually a country that is very humble, decided to step it up again and beat out all countries for the most number of gold medals, despite the population being only about 33 million. The hockey game was perhaps the most exciting and heart pounding ones I have ever seen. AWESOME.

Bar Refaeli's bikini ass

Man. Nothing says perfection like that shot at the top. Or perhaps those other pictures of Eva Longoria bending over in her bikini so you can see her pussy clinging to her bikini bottoms. Bar Refaeli is another Hollywood whore that I have no clue about in terms of what she's famous for but who cares.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Charlotte Church's bikini crotch

I remember the first time I saw Charlotte Church years ago singing duet with Josh Groban. I thought: that girl is cute. I didn't think I'd want to make her gape, but thought if I had a few drinks, I'd let her make out with me. For some reason these recent bikini pics of her aren't a big turn out, but since she's still somewhat famous, I'd still hit it. Then quit it.

Anna Kournikova's tight jeans

I think all girls should be required to wear "fuck me" boots at least once a week. We haven't seen much of Anna recently. Hopefully there are more pix to cum.

Jennifer Lopez's ass is not big anymore

I mean it used to be her trademark. As for me, I'm not a big big ass man. The reason being because I'm worried that since the crevice is so big, perhaps when a girl has a big ass she can't properly wipe the shit out and therefore there may be feces in there.

Mariah Carey's voluptuous ass

Look, I know Mariah's ass is slowly expanding, but who cares, she's married now. Anyway, more importantly, I want to talk about speed skating, short track. I personally think the Korean girls got ripped off of a gold medal the other day when the Korean was disqualified after her skate clicked with the Chinese skater's. It was asenine that in the Olympics there can still be such flagrant injustices, including the one with Julia Mancuso and her tight, fun loving sphincter getting screwed over. I heard the judge for short track is getting death threats so they've pulled him from judging over safety concerns. I think they should just pull him because he's a fucking idiot.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Alicia Keys' ass crack

I've never jacked to Alicia Keys but why not. She's got some ghetto booty here. I wonder if her ass smells. Hockey is getting real popular right now so I hope everyone is watching Canada dominate.