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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anne Curry's pantyhose

The best part about this show is Kathie Lee Gifford who I love. I would love to fuck her pussy. I hope you guys can appreciate this upskirt. Frankly I'm not sure why these things don't happen more often.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Kathie Lee Gifford, I would love to do sexual things to that raunchy, MILF that would make a whore blush. I would lick every inch of her naked body and fuck her massive, funbags and mouth for hours (just for a start.) When I, finally, finished with her days later, she would have so much of my cum all over her that she would look like she had been dipped in a vat of half and half naked.

Anonymous said...

aloha, BRILLIANT BEAUTIFUL, CLASSY, REGAL & LEGGY ANNIE needs 2 have her pumps removed, sniffed & her nylon feet b kissed, licked, SUCKED ON & given a looong soothing massage....i VOLUNTEER :-D hb

Anonymous said...

i wish Ann Curry would tiemeup before work and aftershe made me smell her sweaty pantyhose feet and suck her toes then she said you need to have your mouth washed out with soap and she wet a bar of soap and washed my mouth out for hrs. twisting and making me suck on it then ann curry pushed the soap in my mouth and wrapped ductape over my mouth and around my head 10x & spanked me. i want to smell ann curry feet everyday and i want to eat her out and she can ride me all night