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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anne Curry's pantyhose

The best part about this show is Kathie Lee Gifford who I love. I would love to fuck her pussy. I hope you guys can appreciate this upskirt. Frankly I'm not sure why these things don't happen more often.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Kathie Lee Gifford, I would love to do sexual things to that raunchy, MILF that would make a whore blush. I would lick every inch of her naked body and fuck her massive, funbags and mouth for hours (just for a start.) When I, finally, finished with her days later, she would have so much of my cum all over her that she would look like she had been dipped in a vat of half and half naked.

Anonymous said...

aloha, BRILLIANT BEAUTIFUL, CLASSY, REGAL & LEGGY ANNIE needs 2 have her pumps removed, sniffed & her nylon feet b kissed, licked, SUCKED ON & given a looong soothing massage....i VOLUNTEER :-D hb