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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kelly Ripa's ass needs licking

It looks like Kelly Ripa has been walking around in a bikini lately. I have to admit I have jacked to Kelly in the past. These are some new pictures of her and believe me, there are many more to come. Cum


Anonymous said...

I'd love to cum all over her naked body then watch her dance for me with a dildo sticking out of her ass.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to do more than just lick Kelly Ripa's ass. I'd like to spread open her cleaned-out, bleached, puckered anus with a speculum and look up inside her with a flashlight.

me nigga's said...

One ugly fucking belly button. It looks like a babies' penis.

Anonymous said...

Gawwd Kelly is so sexy, such a perfect personality, gorgeous face, hot tight little body that is just UNREAL, that little ass and those protruding nips are AMAZING! I’d love to dp her with her hubby in that same sweet little tight box of hers… Mmmmmm wouldn’t you just love to lick circles around that tight little a$$h0le of hers while you’re f>ck!ng her silly?!

I will bet Kelly Ripa shags like a minx, and sucks a c0ck mind-blowingly!!

Check out Ripa’s bikini pics in HQ, her gorgeous p>ssy-mound and cl!t protuding are c0ck strokingly HOT!!!