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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Freida Pinto isn't Spanish

All this time I kept hearing the name and thought she was some random spanish model. ie. Adriana Lima, or whoever else happens to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio these days. But no! She's Indian, a new star and despite her cultural boundaries is still willing to take her clothing off for money. Is there any woman who won't do that? We love you!


Anonymous said...

Pinto is Portugese name, somewhere in her ancestry she is from Spain Portugal etc...Pinto is nowhere near a Hindi name. Question answered...for further history: Portugese were in Goa for few years (trying to colonize) Goa became Hindustan territory again in 1961

Anonymous said...

Explains why she is on slutty side.

Anonymous said...

and Adriana Lima is Brazilian, not spanish.