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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jessica Simpson's ass

All this talk of Jessica Simpson's weight. I mean, look at that ass - it's tapable. Right? Okay, okay, so these photos are several years old. But through the study of quantum physics, we've learned that you can go back in time. Would you hit it? Answer - YES.

Kim Kardashian's camel toe

What's with Kim and all of those tight pants of hers? I tend to wonder if her wearing them so tight all the time will make her cooch smell bad.

Carrie Underwood's ass isn't flat

Look, Carrie Underwood is probably not a hot lady in bed. I think she's sweet and simple. Give the girl a break - she grew up on a farm and probably prefers riding horses. I just can't picture her swallowing. Anyway, enjoy these pictures of that ass in those jeans.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Amanda Bynes is not a whore

All those short skirts and upskirts and I was starting to think she was a whore. But no - she finally decided to cover up her legs, which makes her not a whore. I'm just kidding Amanda. You're probably on the rag or something, as you know most girls start to wear pants (are they afraid blood is going to leak down the side of their leg or something?

Pamela Anderson true upskirt

What would this website be without Pamela Anderson? Better yet, what would the INTERNET be without Pam? I mean seriously - she is probably the most searched girl in the world (cumulatively speaking, over the years). Look at that amazing upskirt shot. She's so good at it that even though we've seen her twat a hundred times, she's still able to make us curious. Thanks for our daily dose of your goods Pam.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jennifer Aniston's legs

Hey, she may be forty, but I'd still do her in so many ways and so many holes. She's definitely an interesting character. Sorry for the lack of updates my friends. I've decided not to bore you as much with my drivel however feel free to post your comments! More pictures are cumming...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Freida Pinto isn't Spanish

All this time I kept hearing the name and thought she was some random spanish model. ie. Adriana Lima, or whoever else happens to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio these days. But no! She's Indian, a new star and despite her cultural boundaries is still willing to take her clothing off for money. Is there any woman who won't do that? We love you!

I'm tired of Amanda Bynes' short skirts

You know what we call girls like Amanda Bynes where I cum from? Whores. No, not really. We call them cock-teases. She keeps wearing these short dresses, and everyone out there keeps waiting for the golden UPSKT shot and yet it never comes. If she doesn't put out soon, she will no longer be welcum here. Thanks for nothing Bynes.

Eva Longoria's ass is god

I just want to get on my knees and pray to it. Her ass is God. Just look at it in awe.