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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pamela Anderson dominates UPSKT

I'm not sure why Pam Anderson is making it onto this site so often these days. Well I do, and it's because she doesn't mind prancing around town either naked, in her underwear, or with no underwear at all (think of Hugh Heffner's birthday bash a couple of weeks ago where she brought out a cake for him while naked.) Here's the link.

Kimberly Caldwell's assets

I will always remember her season of American Idol as probably the best. It was a good cast of characters, and Kim had a hotness about her. Fortunately, she landed a job on TV Guide and we get to watch her with those crossed legs. Unfortunately, not enough of them have landed their way onto the internet, so for those KC fans out there - enjoy!

Brooke Burke dancing with a bikini

Maybe some of you watched Dancing with the Stars and saw Brooke Burke win. I was a bit disappointed when I saw her baby crawling around on the floor of that dance studio. Anyway, I think she used to host "Wild On", and was a bit of a party girl. I don't think I'd party with her anymore. But if you break out that bottle of lube, you might want to party with her right now. Just don't tell me about it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Reese Witherspoon - tighter bikini please

Just a small update. I found these pictures of Reese. I'll cut her some slack; maybe her bikini bottoms were yet. But anyway, for those who love Reese, enjoy these bikini pictures. In more important news, is anyone else surprised that in the voting on the right, Jennifer Aniston's asshole is number two? I thought the ass was number one and the pussy was always number two? Let's see how many of you get that joke.

Evangeline Lilly upskirt

The only thing that is LOST about Evangeline Lilly may be the fact that she doesn't wear a thong or a g-string. I'm almost embarrased to put these pictures up, perhaps because it was an off day for her, maybe she was on the rag and decided grannie panties would be more comfortable. But you know what? It's not fair that these stars can't even unload a box without some paparazzi taking upskirt pictures of you. Anyway, enjoy the flashy shots. They don't get much better than these.

Amanda Bynes caught with pants down

What do you guys think? She definitely shaved, if you look at that first picture of her in a bikini. The question is - landing strip, or full-bald Brazilian? I'd do her either way.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Denise Richards - I'll always remember her ass

I started falling in love with Denise ever since the movie Wild Things. Yes, i've matured, meaning I'm not so in love with these Hollywood girls, no matter what they look like on screen. The truth is, we're all looking for love somewhere. Watching too much of this website and porno movies, and even Hollywood movies may not be a good thing because you lose practice of how to meet people in the real world. Break out of that shell.