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Friday, October 31, 2008

Ivanka Trump long legs and short skirts

The only reason you're seeing Ivanka up here is because I've discovered a lot of people are searching for pictures of her and like Mick Foley back in his WWE days, I am trying a cheap technique to get some ratings! Enjoy. PS: I've decided to stop talking less and less about these "stars". Instead, I've decided to keep up with the pictures, but instead focus on saying enlightening things to help you in your life. While you jack off.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lillian Garcia - welcum to Upskirt Celebs!

If you are a wrestling fan, then you know Lillian Garcia. While she is the most covered up of the WWE Divas, she is also the most alluring. I think there's a correlation between the two. Her Latin flavor also makes me want to deliver to her some deep dickin'. Enjoy these upskirt shots of hers - there are many more to come.

Fergie still has nice legs

Here are some great pictures of Fergie, aka Stacy Ferguson. I think they are attractive. Some blogs are hard on her for her getting older, but we're always aging. It's our mind that keeps us young.

Calista Flockhart is probably a prude

Just like The Nanny, I used to tune into Ally McBeal to see how short Calista's skirts were, so I could pop one off. Now I've come to appreciate women with a big more meat on them (by no means fat). Either way, I'd probably still like Calista Flockhart up and down. Mind you, make that a "no", since Han Solo has dropped who knows how many loads in her. Whatever. Enjoy.

Jessica Biel's ass is probably bigger than these pictures lead on

Here is some Jessica Biel. I decided I'm going to scale back on photos of these stars which are "staged". They lose the authenticity. We want to see their physical defects because that is where the beauty lies. We want to see Jessica Biel's stretch marks, and other scars. These pictures are too photoshopped. Back to basics for UPSKT. Enjoy Justin Timberlake. Enjoy.

Eva Mendes shows us her crack

Looking at these pictures of Eva Mendes made me wonder - does she have a hairy snatch? I only ask, because it looks like her arms have a bit of hair on them, even though they are bleached. Whatever. I guess I can close my eyes. Apparently she's very sexual if you've noticed her new Calvin Klein advertisements which are floating around. What the hell is she doing promoting girls to wear "comfortable" underwear? G-STrings and Thongs only are what girls should wear. Eva is setting a horrible example. Enjoy these candid pics of her in a bikini.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hilary Duff - I love her legs and ass

...but can never remember whether her name is spelled Hilary or Hillary. Why can't these dime a dozen names just stick to one spelling. On that note, what's the deal with the name "Shawn" and "Sean". Whatever. Here are some recent pix of Hilary on the set of her new video "Reach Out". I don't really care, but I do love that bottom picture where you can see the curvature of her ass going into her shorts. Now THAT is stroke material.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teri Hatcher still does it for me in a bikini

Teri Hatcher still does it for me on some level. She's gone Kelly R in the sense that she got really skinny after her child. But she looks like a lot of fun. Why do women always come across as washed up after having a child, then get too skinny? I think i would still go down on Teri - down to China Town if you smell what the Rock is cooking.

Christina Aguilera - we will always remember your ass for what it was

Sure, we grow up. We grow old. I don't care what her body looks like now, when we finally hit skins, I will just close my eyes and think of her ass as it looked on the set of the video for "Dirrty". She's a mom now guys. And you have to admit, she's doing her best. I think she's a pretty lady and I hope you liked the crossed legs. She's still Dirrty to me. By the way, those are concert pictures from some middle-Eastern country. Be safe.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck upskirt and legs galore

I promised that I was going to stir things up on UPSKT this week by adding some new biatches. So here's my arch-nemesis, Elisabeth I-masterbate-while-thinking-of-George-Bush Hasselbeck. Not all of these upcumming pictures of Elisabeth from The View will be upskirts, but they will be jack-offable due to the nature of her short skirts and hot crossed-legs. The first one is a great one where you can see some white panties. The truth is, i think she's probably the dumbest personality on TV. Whether you're a republican or Democrat, blind-faith stupidity doesn't even begin to describe her belief. I bet you I could even convince her that i'm God. One shot on the face at a time. Enjoy Elisabeth - you deserve a deep-dickin'!

Nicolette Sheridan in a bikini in Marina del Ray

Seriously. Here's Nicolette Sheridan out for a stroll in Marina Del Ray (California) this weekend. Is anyone getting sick of these obviously scripted photo shoots for publicity? Does anyone expect me to believe she is suddenly living in a bikini every weekend when she hardly got press before? Let's face it - no one in Marina del Ray walks around in their bikini, much less drives their car in a bikini. And yes, I realize that is California but it just doesn't work like that. Either way, at least she gave us a good ass shot to stroke to for you pervs out there.