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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kathie Lee Gifford one last run

So here you go folks - one last run of KLG pictures. I'm not sure what it was about her - maybe her red hair and me wondering if the rug matched the curtains? Either way, I think I would have liked to pause the universe and walked onto the set one day while she was there. I'm glad she's back on TV. She seems like a genuinely nice talk show host. And damn, all those years and hardly an upskirt to speak of. :(

Crystal Bernard

I used to dream of Crystal Bernard sitting on my face. Now that I have matured and actually touched a girls punani, I am not so sure Crystal is my type. But here, for all you pervs out there that used to jerk off to her watching Wings, how about popping one off for old time sake.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Danielle Fishel - i still love her from high school

I used to watch Boy Meets World for one reason - Topanga. Now that's a sexy name. I haven't heard from her much these days other than the occasional stint she does on Tyra and her recent DUI. Oh looks like little Ms. Perfect ain't so perfect. I love these photos where we can only dream of what's going on up her skirt. I wish you would do a porno Danielle. I still love you from high school. I thought you might get fat but I still think you're gorgeous and in great shape!

Mila Kunis - can i give her cunnilingus?

I never really understood That 70's Show - which is why i never watched it. However, I did watch it on occasion to see this biatch. Mila Kunis was worth watching it for a minute or two to give me some stroke material if you know what I mean. Now she's flashing her body around everywhere. After watching her in Forgetting Sara Marshall I decided I didn't dig her that much since she gave it up too easily in the movie. And movies are real.

Jen Aniston looks pissed

Here is Jen Aniston. To tell you the truth I think she has more paparazzi pictures taken in bikinis than she does in normal clothing and I have to thank her for that. She is the only Friend that I would fuck. She has a nice smile but I dont know if she is hard to get along with considering all the guys she is with tend to disappear. Maybe she just hasn't found the "one" yet. But have no doubt Jen, we will meet one day and i will do some very dirty things to you. Just make sure your ass is clean that day.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marki Post galore

For those of you who have been perusing my blog to check out Markie Post, break out the lube. Here is the final installment of Markie (for now). Unless she gets a new roll, we might not be seeing her in any more hot photos. Plus she is a bit older now so may not want to pose like this. I guess i'll always be left wondering what she tastes like...

Anna Kournikova: I'm glad you quit tennis

I am so confused. Is Anna still going out with Enrique Iglesias? Who cares. I wish she didn't get the old tramp stamp on her back, but in all honesty I can't say I wouldn't mind blowing my load all over it. Here's a girl with a nice figure, and a nice smile. Hopefully her inner beauty is even greater.